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Drillbotics is for Research

Magnus Nystad is a PhD student at NTNU doing research in NTNU’s Research and Innovation Program in Digital and Automation Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry.  He develops methods for real-time drilling optimization based on an …

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NTNU Drillbotics Team Member Receives Award

Mikaela Solberg from the NTNU Drillbotics team received the best NTNU petroleum engineering student award of 2022, in particular for her Drillbotics MSc project (but also for her excellent performance throughout all her studies). The award …

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Drillbotics® 2022-2023 Registered Teams

Drillbotics® 2022-2023 kicked off this year with 11 teams from 7 countries: Belgium, Germany, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Norway, USA.  They will build a lab-scale rig or create a model of a full-scale rig to autonomously drill a …

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Autonomous Drilling with a Miniature Drilling Rig

“Design a drilling rig and related equipment to autonomously drill a vertical well as quickly as possible while maintaining borehole quality and integrity of the drilling rig and drillstring.”

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